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Site Objective

The Problem

Movies from abroad are sometimes distributed in Israel under a name unrelated to the original. For example:
 Original NameName in IsraelReal Translation
1.Groundhog Dayלקום אתמול בבוקריום המרמיטה
2.Alienהנוסע השמיניחייזר
This might turn from a funny matter into a problem, for instance when searching the web for information about a movie (like who's the director or where can one find cast members photos), whereat it's better to use English - meaning you need the original name.
Same problem holds for names of TV series. And in general it's about 'Titles' .

The Solution

We built a database (and it's still grows) in order to let you search for titles by their original names or by their translated names. (By the way, the database also contains properly translated titles...)


Jump Start Only

The site is only a starting point. Besides the title's name, we provide virtually no additional information for it. To save some of the effort involved in finding additional information - each title is linked to the appropriate page at IMDb.

Old Titles

The database contains titles from the 80's and forth. We do our best to complete these deficiencies .

Foreign Films

The database contains few names of foreign films. Films from France, Germany, Japan, etc. entered the database only if they're renowned, that is they were commercially played in Israel. (And in any case there are fewer of those with respect to Hollywood crop).

Deliberately Missing Content

  • Adult movies - the database does not contains information about erotic films. (And with all due respect, are their translated names that important?)
  • Short film - mainly students' work.
  • Documentaries - inculding dancing and music concerts.

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