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Dramatis Personae

The team

AmnonAmnonThought of the idea and turned it into an active website (i.e. the one who wrote, illustrated, edited, built... and in short: didn't sleep at all).
Computer Science graduate of BGU. Movie fan in general, and sci-fi films in particular.
MonicaMonicaResponsible for keeping Amnon's bed warm (well, sometimes he too tries to catch some sleep).
FeliniFeliniThe new and active acquisition in the family. A big fan of 'If I don't get to sleep, no one gets to sleep' method.
DanaDanaFor her Amnon gets up in the morning.

Contributed and consulted in the course of the years

Some of these people want to stay anonymous, so their pictures are fake.
AvishaiAvishaiChief advisor (for both form and content). Ceaseless source for all sorts of information.
Electrical & Computer Engineering graduate student at the Technion.
Mr. MisterMr. MisterOccasionally adds titles to the database. Particularly proficient in Yiddish titles.
DJ OriOri SinaiAids here and there regarding titles but mostly a talented graphic artist. When he grows up he'll be a director. BendexBendexOrganized and thorough, thanks to her hundreds (!) of titles were added.
Long JohnLong JohnNotorious movie fan. Co-editor at FishEye. AmitAmitUndoubtful master of films names.

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